SCADAmetrics is pleased to introduce a new PDF to our Documentation Center: The EtherMeter Pre-Start Checklist:  CLICK HERE TO VIEW This document, which contains a 11-point checklist, was developed to help EtherMeter Project Users with pre-planning before purchase and deployment. If you have any recommendations for improvement to this document, please let us know.  Your Read More →

Figure 1. Insertion-Type PaddleWheel Flow Meter.

Many industrial flow metering applications feature the use of Insertion-type paddle wheel sensors.  (See Figure 1 below.)  Internally, these meters feature a paddle wheel that rotates in the near vicinity of a magnetic pickup, similar in principle to a string pickup in an electric guitar.  The signal output from this type of meter is a low-level sine wave, Read More →

Calamp DL-3400 Series Telemetry Radio

In 2012, SCADAmetrics introduced the B202 — an industrial Bell 202 modem designed for radio telemetry applications. The B202 is designed to provide external, non-proprietary data modulation/demodulation for a wide range of popular analog telemetry radios, including models from Tecnet/Maxon, GE/MDS, Ritron, and RF Neulink, and Calamp. In support of a customer project, we were Read More →


In 2011, SCADAmetrics introduced the Radio-Read Filter — the device that enables two AMR devices to read a single water meter simultaneously.  This instrument serves a vitally important function in situations where both the water seller and buyer are interested in tracking water consumption. One example might be a utility-owned water meter in a commercial building.  In such a case, the water Read More →


Telemetry, SCADA, and Building Automation System Integrators have wrestled for decades with totalization errors associated with pulse-output flow meters. The EtherMeter was designed to eliminate these errors.  We call the result: Revenue-Grade-Accurate Flow Metering. By leveraging absolute-encoder AMR technology — which is offered as a low-cost option by all of the major AWWA-type water meter manufacturers — the Read More →

Turbine-Type Flow Meter for Petroleum Applications.

Many petroleum industry flow metering applications feature the use of magnetic-pickup-type turbine meters.  (See Figure 1 below.)  Internally, these meters feature a steel turbine that rotates past a magnetic pickup, similar in principle to a string pickup in an electric guitar.  The signal output from this type of meter is a low-level sine wave, whose frequency and amplitude both increase as Read More →

Tecnet TM-2102 Mobile Radio

In 2012, SCADAmetrics introduced the B202  — an industrial Bell 202 modem designed for radio telemetry applications.  The B202 is designed to provide external, non-proprietary data modulation/demodulation for a wide range of popular analog telemetry radios, including models from Tecnet/Maxon, GE/MDS, Ritron, and RF Neulink, and Calamp. In support of a customer project, we were recently tasked to verify Read More →


In recent months, we’ve been receiving regular requests from non-industrial-controls clients who wish to build an AMR System around the EtherMeter.  Examples include owners and managers of commercial properties, such as apartment buildings and strip malls.  In most cases, this category of client works in the commercial sub-metering realm, and therefore does not have prior Read More →


The Boone IA Firmware is a customized EtherMeter firmware that was created to provide a simple solution to a customer who desired zoned leak detection.  This EtherMeter version, which is now offered as an option at our eStore, signals an alarm annunciator when higher-than-normal flows are detected from a connected flow meter.  In this project, the Read More →

Dresser-Roots Rotary Natural Gas Meter with Pulse-Output Option.

In order to track and minimize utility costs, a growing number of forward-thinking, modern factories have initiated efforts to monitor utility usage in realtime — including electricity, water, and natural gas. And such monitoring does not only occur at the utility-owned meters, but within the factory itself so that a breakdown of the utility costs Read More →


In this article, we introduce a novel method of quantifying pump station energy efficiency. For an automobile, everyone is familiar with Miles-Per-Gallon or MPG.  Today, we are going to introduce an equivalent measure of pump station efficiency that every water utility Telemetry/SCADA system should include: GPK.   Automobile Efficiency… Have you ever calculated the average gas mileage for your Read More →

Badger HRE-LCD Meter Register.

SCADAmetrics is pleased to report that the EtherMeter has been verified compatible with the new high-resolution, absolute-encoder water meter registers offered by Badger Meter (Milwaukee, WI). Badger’s new register family — the HR-E (High Resolution Encoder) — offers vastly improved resolution over its legacy absolute encoder, the 6-Digit ADE. The High Resolution Encoder is offered in two variations: Read More →

Accumulating Flow Totals From a 4-20mA Flow-Rate Signal.

When totalizing the total accumulated flow through a non-absolute-encoder flow meter, it is generally preferable to interface with a pulse-per-volume signal (eg. 1 pulse per gallon). However, certain flow meters only offer a 4-20mA signal that is proportional to rate-of-flow. Examples include certain Parshall Flume-Type Wastewater Flow Meters, Differential-Pressure Flow Meters, WH Power Meters, and many Read More →

RG600 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge.

This article describes how to use an EtherMeter to connect a Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge to a SCADA System, yielding a realtime rainfall measurement system that communicates using Modbus, DF1, and EtherNet/IP. This rain measuring instrumentation was a component of the new SCADA System at the DesMoines & Mississippi Levee District (Alexandria, MO).  The electronics were Read More →


In order to set up an EtherMeter, you will need a computer equipped with a serial port, terminal emulation software (eg HyperTerminal), and a SCADAmetrics Serial/Setup Cable. A convenient way to add a serial port to a notebook or desktop computer is with a USB-Serial Adapter. In my experience, the make/model that provides the best combination of performance Read More →

SCADAmetrics Analog Flow-Output Demonstrator Panel

In most cases, EtherMeter users will collect flow rate data via the device’s digital Ethernet and Serial communication channels.  Digital communication protocols include MODBUS (TCP/RTU/ASCII), DF1, and EtherNet/IP™. However, in some instances, the user may wish to interface to 4-20mA analog signals that are proportional to flow.  Replacement of Sensus ACK-PAK instrumentation is just one possible Read More →


In addition to its ability to read most encoder-type flow meters, the EtherMeter also features pulse-input support. The following Application Note details the procedures for connecting a Sensus High-Speed Pickup (Pulse) Register to an EtherMeter; and it also describes an example of modified Setup Menu parameters for the High-Speed Pickup: Note that the Sensus Read More →

Thermistor Demonstration Panel.  AIN1 = 52.13%, Which Corresponds To 9183 Ohms (Thermistor) And 80.5 degF.

A new application note has been posted to that describes how to set up one of the EtherMeter’s analog input channels to collect temperature data from a thermistor: This type of application could be particularly useful in building automation and industrial control applications where full use of the EtherMeter’s auxiliary I/O channels could Read More →

Williamsville (IL) Pumping Station.  Station features a Ground Storage Tank and Altitude Valve, a Master Meter, 2 Pumps, and a Bypass Valve.  Williamsville's station is run by an intelligent RTU connected to their Radio SCADA system.  Springfield, the bulk seller, monitors the master meter using an Itron radio AMR system.

Recently, an interesting project was completed at the water custody-transfer point between Williamsville (IL) and Springfield (IL), where Williamsville purchases bulk water from Springfield and transmits it through a system of water towers, pumping stations, and distribution mains. In the scope of this project, Williamsville installed EtherMeters into their existing distribution SCADA system for the purpose of automated report Read More →

An EtherMeter Connected To A JACE-Tridium System Via Modbus/RTU over RS485.  The System Is Monitoring Total Consumption And Flow-Rate For Two Connected Water Meters (Sensus SR and Sensus Compound).  This Facility Houses A Fortune-500 Software Company In The Boston Area.  A Pair Of SCADAmetrics Touch-Read Filters Allow Both The Utility AMR System And The Building Automation System To Share The Meter Signals.

The EtherMeter contains an RS485 port for Modbus/RTU and DF1 communications in multi-drop applications. When using the RS485 port, the following EtherMeter terminals are used: 19  –  RS485A (-) 20  –  RS485B (+) 21  –  Signal GND Reference (contains current-limiting resistor) In order to use RS485, attention should be given to the EtherMeter’s dip switch positions: Switch 1  Read More →

3 Preciseline pressure transducers and 1 EtherMeter connected to the pump station's multi-drop Modbus/RTU (RS485) network.  The transducers are monitoring effluent pressure, influent pressure, and ground storage tank level. (Click to zoom.)

The Preciseline Pressure Transducer (manufactured by Keller-America ), like our EtherMeter, offers a digital Modbus-based solution to a water telemetry problem that was previously solved by analog (4-20mA) instrumentation. In the case of the Preciseline, the water pressure signal is converted into Modbus; whereas in the case of our EtherMeter, error-free totalization and flow-rate data is collected Read More →


The EtherMeter is the only known device that can calculate, transmit, and display rate-of-flow and totalization from all the major encoder-based water meters.  And this fact can come in handy for a multitude of applications. For example, there are often occasions where bulk water users wish to visually monitor flow rate through a variable speed pump or Read More →


A new application note has been posted to the support page of  The note documents the procedures for programming a Sensus “ICE” register (index) for maximum metering resolution and EtherMeter compatibility. Maximized resolution improves the connected SCADA system’s ability to monitor realtime flow-rate and totalization from both water and gas meters. While it is preferable (and simpler) for the customer to Read More →