In the Western United States, where Precious Irrigation Water is distributed to agricultural users through a series of canals or “vanjas”, point-of-use SCADA metering can provide an effective method to tightly monitor usage and compliance with water allotment agreements. In this unique scenario, the EtherMeter can serve a vital role as a single-device, multi-functional flow Read More →

Along with support for almost all major AWWA-style, encoder-equipped water meters, the EtherMeter also supports generic pulse-type meters, as well. Please see Chapter 9 of the EtherMeter User Manual, which provides detailed wiring and setup support for pulse-type meters. This article describes the firmware setup required for the GF 2551 Insertion Magnetic Flow Meter, but Read More →

A SCADAmetrics Bell-202 Modem was recently deployed in support of a successful high-altitude research mission launched from Svalbard, Norway — led by the New Mexico State University Physical Science Laboratory. The New Mexico State University Physical Science Laboratory (PSL) is a world-recognized leader in sub-orbital platforms, information modeling for predictive decision-making, specialized intelligence community support, advanced Read More →