SCADAmetrics is pleased to announce the completion and introduction of a new firmware release for its flagship EtherMeter®! This latest firmware, dated 28 Aug 2019, provided the necessary modifications to support Metron-Farnier (Boulder, CO) flow meters that are equipped with the innov8 register. The innov8 register is a high-resolution (8-digit), absolute-encoder-type water meter register that is Read More →

SCADAmetrics’ introduction of its new line of water meter signal duplexers— the Universal Duplexer for AMI and the AMI Duplexer for SCADA — has introduced a new term into the water metering industry lexicon: “Co-Metering”. Co-Metering describes two (or more) interested parties accessing a single water meter, each using their respective meter-reading equipment in parallel — Read More →

In the Western United States, where Precious Irrigation Water is distributed to agricultural users through a series of canals or “vanjas”, point-of-use SCADA metering can provide an effective method to tightly monitor usage and compliance with water allotment agreements. In this unique scenario, the EtherMeter can serve a vital role as a single-device, multi-functional flow Read More →