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SCADAmetrics® is pleased to introduce TheEncodalizer™! – The new AMR/AMI signal generator for water meters that provides a Sensus-Protocol output to certain flow meters that otherwise do not offer that option!

The Encodalizer™. Model MBE.

For example, the Siemens FM Mag 6000 Magnetic Flow Meter is outfitted with a 4-20mA Rate Output (default), a Pulse Output (default) and Modbus/RTU Signaling (optional) – but *not* Neptune or Sensus Encoder Protocol . The Encodalizer taps into this meter’s Modbus/RTU signal to create a Neptune or Sensus Protocol Output, thereby enabling this meter to be connected to a water utility’s AMR/AMI system!

Because Modbus technology provides the Encodalizer with a direct digital connection to the flow meter’s internal memory registers, the Encodalizer is thereby able to provide the connected AMR/AMI system with a Sensus-Protocol totalizer reading that is a perfect match to the reading displayed on the physical meter itself! – We call this Revenue Grade Accuracy!

Encodalizer – Functional Illustration

The Encodalizer was envisioned to serve as a “to-Encoder Protocol (Neptune or Sensus) Translator”, which would support a multitude of Modbus-enabled flow meters. Presently, it supports the following meters:

  • Endress-Hauser Promag W 400
  • Flowtronic Torpee Magnetic Insertion Meter with TMC-20 Transmitter
  • SCADAmetrics EM-100 EtherMeter
  • Siemens FM Mag Series with Mag 6000 Transmitter

The following is a list of meters for which we plan to add support in the near future:

  • ABB AquaMaster, WaterMaster
  • Rosemount 8750
  • Seametrics Ag3000
  • Krohne WaterFlux
  • Toshiba MountAnywhere
  • Foxboro 9500A Tube with IMT3xA Transmitter
  • Sparling TigerMag
The Encodalizer – Physical Breakout.

Feature Highlights –

• RS-485 Modbus/RTU Port with 2.5KV Isolation
• 3-Wire Encoder Port with 2.5KV Isolation
• User-Settings via Dip Switches – No Computer Programming Required!
• User-Selectable Encoder Protocol: Neptune ECODER, Neptune PROREAD, Sensus 6,7,8,9
• User-Selectable Number of AMR Digits
• User-Selectable AMR Registration Units
• User-Selectable AMR Resolution
• Power: Accepts Wide Voltage Range: 8-28VDC
• Angled Terminal Blocks for Easy Wiring
• ½” NPT Male Threaded Fitting Adapts to Most MagMeter Transmitters
• Enclosure and Circuit Board: UL 94-VO recognized materials

Model MBE ‘Encodalizer’ – Attached to Siemens FM Mag 6000 Transmitter.
Transmitter Courtesy of Siemens Industry (Harleysville, PA).
Encodalizer Cover Removed to Illustrate Wiring and Dip Switches.

Download PDF Datasheet / User Manual Here: TheEncodalizer

Are you interested in how SCADAmetrics Encodalizer technology can help connect specialty process flow meters to your AMR/AMI system? Give us a call! We’ll be glad to discuss the details!

Jim 'Slim' Mimlitz

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