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In the past, Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) Systems for municipal water were generally limited to collecting flow totalization from water meters that were natively outfitted with a Sensus/Neptune protocol signal.

Today, the SCADAmetrics Encodalizer™ is able to provide a Sensus/Neptune protocol option to many flow meters that otherwise would be precluded from your AMR/AMI system.

The Encodalizer™. Model MBE.

One potential example would be the addition of a Siemens HydroRanger 200 open-channel flow meter into an AMR system. The HydroRanger 200 is typically used to monitor flows through open channel wet wells, flumes, and weirs; and its integral LCD display shows totalization (gal), as well as instantaneous flow rate rate (gpm). Because the totalization is also available via Modbus/RTU, it may be converted into Sensus/Neptune protocols with a SCADAmetrics Encodalizer.

HydroRanger200 Open-Channel Flow Application Illustration.

Because Modbus technology provides the Encodalizer with a direct digital connection to the HydroRanger’s internal memory registers, the Encodalizer is thereby able to provide the connected AMR/AMI system with a Sensus/Neptune-Protocol totalizer reading that is a perfect match to the reading displayed on the HydroRanger itself! – We call this Revenue Grade Accuracy!

HydroRanger / Encodalizer Wiring. Important Note! – The DC-Powered Version of the HydroRanger 200 (shown) is Recommended!

Download PDF Datasheet / User Manual Here: TheEncodalizer

Are you interested in how SCADAmetrics Encodalizer technology can help connect your open-channel flow meters to your AMR/AMI system? Give us a call! We’ll be glad to discuss the details!

Jim 'Slim' Mimlitz

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Licensed Professional Electrical Engineer @ SCADAmetrics. Specialties: Connecting Flow Meters with SCADA, Telemetry, and Building Automation Systems. Electronic Circuit Design, Software Development.

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  1. Avatar Raymond on July 1, 2021 at 5:36 pm said:

    Can you do that with a Siemens mag 5000

  2. No — because the Siemens Mag 5000 transmitter does not have Modbus/RTU capability. However, the Encodalizer *will* work with the Siemens Mag 6000 transmitter when Modbus/RTU card is installed. The flow tube (Mag 5100W?) should be OK.

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