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In response to customer requests, pulse-based batching capability has been added to the EtherMeter.  This new ability will be included on all future EtherMeter shipments dated 01 Feb 2010 and beyond.

In most municipal water applications in which a pulse-based water meter is used, the pulse count is generally preferred to totalize without reset.  However, in certain automated plant/process situations, it is desirable to halt the flow of metered liquid after a certain quantity and then to re-zero the metered total.  These applications are often described as “batching” operations.

When the EtherMeter is used in pulse-counting mode, the pulse count may now be reset to zero remotely and automatically.  In Modbus-based control systems, writing a ‘1’ to Modbus Coil 9 resets CNT1 to zero, and writing a ‘1’ to Modbus Coil 10 resets CNT2 to zero.  In Allen-Bradley-based control systems, writing a ‘1’ to B10:0/8 resets CNT1 to zero, and writing a ‘1’ to B10:0/9 resets CNT2 to zero.

A detailed Application Note (#008) has been posted to the support page at scadametrics.com.

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