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SCADAmetrics is pleased to report that the EtherMeter has been verified compatible with the TOMAHAWK absolute encoder water meter register offered by RG3 Meter Company (Longview, TX).

TOMAHAWK Water Meter Register Data Sheet.

The TOMAHAWK features an internal microprocessor, transmits a high-resolution 8-digit consumption message, and is internally-powered with a 20-year battery.

When connected to a SCADAmetrics EtherMeter, the high-resolution allows the user to collect realtime rate-of-flow information and also helps with leak detection algorithms.  And, as with all encoder-type registers, it allows for revenue-grade-accurate totalization.  However, it is important to note that the TOMAHAWK may also be ordered with the option to transmit less than the maximum number of digits.  Therefore, when ordering a TOMAHAWK register from RG3 Meter, it is important to specify that the register be pre-programmed to transmit ALL available digits!

The TOMAHAWK family of registers is compatible with RG3 Meter’s Turbo, Compound, and Positive Displacement meters.

Also — and this is a very important development — the TOMAHAWK can be installed as a third-party replacement register for many OTHER makes/models of water meter!

For example, Elster-AMCO/Kent, Neptune, Badger, Sensus, Hersey/Mueller, and Precision.

Notable on that list is Elster-AMCO, who no longer manufactures parts or registers for their commercial turbo meters or residential positive-displacement meters.  The TOMAHAWK can therefore be used to retrofit these meters with modern, absolute-encoder-type registers.

The EtherMeter Compatibility Matrix has been updated to reflect these results.  Test register provided courtesy of RG3 Meter Company. (Longview, TX).

Validation Test Register Provided Courtesy of RG3 Meter Company.

RG3 Meter Turbine Meter, Which Can Be Outfitted with a TOMAHAWK Register for Integration with a SCADA System via the EtherMeter.

Interested in more information?  Give us a call.  We’ll be glad to discuss how the EtherMeter and RG3 Meter flow meters can be combined to bring revenue-grade totalization and rate-of-flow information into your SCADA, Telemetry, or Building Automation System.

Jim 'Slim' Mimlitz

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