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SCADAmetrics is pleased to introduce the B202-v.108 Modem — a new release of our non-proprietary modem OEM module that is targeted for use within Radio Telemetry / SCADA Systems!

Model No. B202-v108. Bell 202 Modem for Radio Telemetry / SCADA System Applications.

This new modem constitutes a major re-design of our first-generation modem, the B202-v103; and it offers the following new features:

  • 100% compatibility with existing telemetry/SCADA systems that presently use Calamp DM-3282 modems and/or SCADAmetrics B202-v103 modems.
  • 2.5KV of isolation on the RTU Serial Port Interface, for enhanced lightning/surge protection.
  • Serial Port Pins [4,6] and [7,8] are internally jumpered, so that Rockwell/Allen-Bradley-based PLC’s, such as the MicroLogix, ControlLogix, CompactLogix, and SLC500 can be connected using a standard 9-pin serial cable. Typically Used with the DF1 Radio Modem Protocol.
  • Ability to Drive Lower-Impedance (600-∞ Ω) Audio Loads with an Adjustable 0-2 Vpp (0.707 Vrms) Signal.

The most notable new feature is the 2.5KV of isolation on the serial port.  Isolation techniques are widely utilized to contain damage from lightning strikes and voltage surges, and to prevent the damage from spreading throughout a control panel.  To our knowledge, the B202-v108 is the only Bell-202 modem for radio telemetry applications that offers this valuable feature.

B&B Electronics, a company that manufactures a wide range of isolation equipment, has authored an interesting article on the subject of isolation HERE.

The datasheet for the B202-v108 modem is available HERE.

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