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Elster-AMCO evoQ4 Magnetic Flow Meter.

Elster-AMCO evoQ4 Magnetic Flow Meter.

The evoQ4 MagMeter by Elster-AMCO — when combined with the EtherMeter — can be efficiently connected to a SCADA, Telemetry, or Building Automation system.

The evoQ4 offers three (3) SCADA signal connection methods:

  • Elster-AMCO encoder protocol (K-Frame)
  • Sensus encoder protocol
  • Pulse-output

The EtherMeter is capable of interfacing with each of these methods.  This article will focus on the Elster-AMCO protocol module, although the procedures for the Sensus protocol module are virtually identical.  If you decide to use the Sensus protocol module, we recommend that the 8-digit module be purchased from Elster-AMCO, as it will consequently provide more accurate rate-of-flow data.

Connecting an Elster-AMCO evoQ4 MagMeter to an EtherMeter is straightforward.  First, the Elster-AMCO protocol encoder module (or Sensus protocol encoder module) should be installed onto the meter:


(Click to zoom.)

The following photos demonstrate the above procedures:






After the module is successfully installed, follow these simple steps:

1. Strip away a couple inches of outer cable jacket, exposing the three inner conductors, and connect them to the EtherMeter.  When using meter channel #1, connect according to the following key: WHITE (Terminal 14), RED (Terminal 15), BLACK (Terminal 16).

Alternatively, when using meter channel #2, connect according to the following key: WHITE (Terminal 17), RED (Terminal 18), BLACK (Terminal 19).

Apply power to the EtherMeter, and watch the EtherMeter auto-detect the MagMeter:


The evoQ4 test meter used in this article was provided courtesy of Elster-AMCO Water.

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