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Regional Water Utilities deliver and sell wholesale water to their Satellite Districts through networks of distribution mains and custody transfer meters.  The consumption data from these custody transfer meters — the “cash registers”, so to speak — are of vital interest to both parties; and regulations generally require that their readings be collected daily — by both the seller and the buyer.

Unfortunately, most modern encoder-output water meters are designed for connection to only one AMI/AMR endpoint, which means that either the buyer or the seller (usually the buyer) will have to resort to climbing down into the meter vault to perform a daily “eyeball” meter read.  In-vault meter reads are more prone to human error, pose a safety hazard for meter reader personnel (OSHA confined spaces), and consume more time.

Today, with SCADAmetrics’ introduction of its patent-pending Universal Duplexer, custody transfer water meters may now be shared, so that both the seller and buyer can connect their respective AMI/AMR endpoints to the meter! — thereby obviating the need for either entity to perform daily “eyeball” reads of the utility’s most important meters!

Universal Duplexer Allows Two (or More) AMI/AMR Endpoints to Be Connected to a Single Water Meter.


Illustrated Solution (click to zoom):

Meter Sharing System for Metropolitan and Regional Water Utilities.

It is important to note that the Universal Duplexer is truly universal“: It enables the splitting of signals from every major encoder-type water meter to every major AMI/AMR/Visual endpoint in the industry — including those from Sensus, Neptune, Metron-Farnier, Kemp-Meek, Aclara, Mueller, Kamstrup, Badger, Master Meter, RG3, Zenner, Itron, Elster-AMCO/Honeywell, McCrometer, and many others!  And universal compatibility is necessary, because Regional Water Utilities and their Satellite Wholesale Customers will generally present with an in-homogeneous set of AMI/AMR endpoints.

Are you interested in how SCADAmetrics technology can foster meter-reading harmony between Regional Water Utilities and their Satellite Wholesale Customers?  Give us a call! We’ll be glad to discuss the details!

P.S. – Due to popular request, we have published this meter-sharing technique in a downloadable White Paper (PDF): CLICK HERE.  Please feel free to download and share with your colleagues!

Jim 'Slim' Mimlitz

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