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Jim ‘Slim’ Mimlitz, SCADAmetrics

SCADAmetrics is pleased to announce the completion and introduction of a new firmware release for its flagship EtherMeter®!

This latest firmware, dated 28 Aug 2019, provided the necessary modifications to support Metron-Farnier (Boulder, CO) flow meters that are equipped with the innov8 register.

The innov8 register is a high-resolution (8-digit), absolute-encoder-type water meter register that is an excellent match for the EtherMeter®.

The innov8 can be factory-installed on Metron-Farnier’s entire lineup of flow meters, such as its Spectrum Single-Jet, Challenger Turbine, Enduro Fire-Service, and its Altair Rotary Piston.

Metron-Farnier Spectrum Single-Jet Flow Meter with the innov8 High-Resolution Register.

innov8 Register for Development and Validation Testing, Provided Courtesy of Metron-Farnier.

SCADA, Telemetry, and Building Automation Systems May Now Collect Meter Totalization and Rate-of-Flow from Metron-Farnier Flow Meters with Revenue-Grade Accuracy. Note the Perfect Match Between the innov8 Register and the Connected EtherMeter.

Bottom Line? — The EtherMeter can now provide Modbus and/or Allen-Bradley communication compatibility to the entire line of Metron-Farnier Water Meters!

Special thanks to Metron-Farnier (Boulder, CO) for the generous loan of an innov8 register for bench development and testing!

Jim 'Slim' Mimlitz

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Licensed Professional Electrical Engineer @ SCADAmetrics. Specialties: Connecting Flow Meters with SCADA, Telemetry, and Building Automation Systems. Electronic Circuit Design, Software Development.

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