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In the Western United States, where Precious Irrigation Water is distributed to agricultural users through a series of canals or “vanjas”, point-of-use SCADA metering can provide an effective method to tightly monitor usage and compliance with water allotment agreements.

In this unique scenario, the EtherMeter can serve a vital role as a single-device, multi-functional flow meter gateway — capable of transmitting realtime meter totalization, rate-of-flow, and power & voltage status.  Also, if desired, the EtherMeter can provide a means for Irrigation District personnel to remotely turn ON/OFF the flow of water.

Typical EtherMeter Deployment at a Point-of-Use Irrigation Metering Station, Turlock Irrigation District (CA) – Click to Zoom.

The EtherMeter is compatible with irrigation flow meters that feature an absolute-encoder signal (e.g. Sensus, McCrometer, Water Specialties) and flow meters that feature a pulse-per-volume signal (e.g. Seametrics, McCrometer, Water Specialties, and many others).  These two signal categories constitute the vast majority of flow meters available today.

Are you interested in how SCADAmetrics technology can help monitor the point-of-use meters within your Irrigation District?  In the words of Fred Smith, founder of Fedex, “You can’t manage what you don’t measure!”

Give us a call! We’ll be glad to discuss the details!

Jim 'Slim' Mimlitz

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Licensed Professional Electrical Engineer @ SCADAmetrics. Specialties: Connecting Flow Meters with SCADA, Telemetry, and Building Automation Systems. Electronic Circuit Design, Software Development.

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