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In 2012, SCADAmetrics introduced the Model B202  — an industrial Bell 202 modem designed for radio telemetry applications.  The B202 is designed to provide external, non-proprietary data modulation/demodulation for a wide range of popular analog telemetry radios, including models from Ritron, Tecnet, MDS, and RF Neulink, and Calamp.

B202: SCADAmetrics Bell-202 Modem for Telemetry Radios.

Model B202: SCADAmetrics Bell-202 Modem for Telemetry Radios.

An interesting application is the use of Allen Bradley MicroLogix PLC’s, B202 modems, and narrowband analog telemetry radios to form a reliable, non-proprietary SCADA radio network.

Rockwell Automation offers the “DF1 Radio Modem” serial communication protocol, which is optimized for radio/SCADA applications.  This protocol, in conjunction with appropriate PLC settings, is suitable for radio telemetry communications.

As a result of laboratory validations, we are pleased to report that compatibility is verified between the MicroLogix and the B202.

Our validation testing utilized a Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1400 PLC set up as a DF1 Radio Modem Client communicating with a SCADAmetrics EM-100 EtherMeter® set up as a DF1 Radio Modem Server.  The narrowband analog telemetry radios used in this test were Ritron models DTX-PLUS II equipped with SCADAmetrics DTX Din-Rail-Mounting Kits.

As a consequence of the tests, we have authored an Application Note that details the steps required to use the B202 with MicroLogix PLCs and narrowband analog telemetry radios:

Link to Application Note

An important reference that we also recommend is Rockwell’s SCADA Document:

Link to Rockwell SCADA Document

We have also produced a short YouTube video that demonstrates the live DF1 Radio Modem communications that were achieved in the validation testing:

Link to YouTube Video Demonstration

Bell 202 Radio Modem / MicroLogix / EtherMeter Demonstration Panels

Logix 500 Ladder Logic Development Environment for Allen Bradley PLC’s.

Are you interested in utilizing the SCADAmetrics B202 Modem in an Allen Bradley-based SCADA/Telemetry application? Give us a call, and we’ll be glad to discuss your application in detail.

Jim 'Slim' Mimlitz

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