The EtherMeter can be used to enable a SCADA system to collect both water and gas meter totalization and instantaneous flow-rate — even simultaneously.

An interesting application is the use of a single EtherMeter connected to an encoder-based water meter plus an encoder-based gas meter.  In the example illustrated below, a Sensus SR-II water meter and a Sensus R-275 temperature-compensated gas meter are connected simultaneously to an EtherMeter.

The water and gas meters are equipped with Sensus ICE™ (Intelligent Communications Encoder) registers, enabling the EtherMeter — and therefore a connected SCADA system — to collect water and gas consumption data with revenue-grade accuracy.  In other words, the SCADA system’s data will always be a perfect match to the data displayed on the physical meters.

All Sensus water meters — from 5/8″ residential-sized meters all the way up to 16″ turbine and 72″ propeller meters — can be outfitted with an encoder-based register.  The range of Sensus metering equipment supports flow capacities from 0 to 90,000 GPM.    (See for details.)

Sensus also manufactures an ICE™ register for natural gas, which may be fitted to a wide range of diaphragm-style meters manufactured by Sensus, American (Canadian), and Schlumberger Meter Company.  These various gas meter product lines support flow capacities from 0 to 630 CFH.  (See for a detailed list of compatible gas meters.)

In order for the SCADA system to read the finest resolution totalization and flow rate data available, both the Gas and Water ICE registers should be pre-programmed with a Sensus Programmer/Interrogator so as to transmit 8 totalization digits and a standard consumption message string.


The above photo illustrates Water Meter totalization (cubic feet) on the EtherMeter’s LCD display.  (Click photo to zoom.)

The above photo illustrates Gas Meter Totalization (cubic feet) on the EtherMeter’s LCD display.  (Click photo to zoom.)